Religious Education

Religious Education Program

Our Lady of Guadalupe & St. Patrick


“Gather the children in this wild country, and teach them what they should know for salvation.

Go and fear nothing. I will help you.”


Mission Statement: Love one another


Parents & Parish Collaboration

To raise a child in the Catholic faith requires collaborative effort of both parents and parish. When both work together children receive the most out of their religious education.

Therefore, we need your help and support in the following areas!

  1. Mass attendance: Faithful Mass attendance each Sunday and on Holy Days. Signed bulletin required.
  2. Family Prayer: Family prayer in the home and learning basic Catholic prayers.
  3. Parental formation: Family Night, one Saturday of the month.
  4. Class attendance: Students need to attend their religious education classes faithfully and on-time in order to nurture effective learning.


Drop-off and Pick-up

To ensure the safety of the children we ask for your cooperation with these procedures!

  1. Students are expected to be on-time for their class as well as picked up by dismissal time.
  2. Parents or authorized adult need to escort their child to the building and are expected to pick them up at the entrance.

*No child should be left unsupervised by an adult at any time.



Effective religious education requires faithful attendance. We hope your child attends each class!

  1. Attendance will be recorded at every class and kept on file.
  2. Parents are DO NOT need to notify office of an absence.
  3. There is no distinction between “excused” or “un-excused” absence.
  4. In the event of 4 or more missed classes it may jeopardize the child continuing the year.



Class or event cancellations will be notified through a phone call, website or Facebook page.


Dear Parents,

On behalf of our parishes and our catechists, we welcome you and your child to our Religious Education program! It gives us great pleasure to share our Catholic faith with your children! With heartfelt enthusiasm and by God’s grace, we strive for your children to be holy! And we kindly ask for your help and assistance as we walk together this amazing journey in the faith!

God bless,

Erica Jimenez

Director of Religious Education